Fire Fab Corporation

what we do


Fire Fab Corporation is a fabrication warehouse and material distributor specializing in fire protection supplies.



Fire Fab Corporation is proud to have a well-stocked 14,000 square foot warehouse where our shop team fabricates pipe and other fittings with high quality machinery. Some of our features include:

  • a state of the art weldline for the production of welded outlets on sprinkler mains and branch lines
  • an updated Landis threading machine
  • a state of the art Maycon machine to ensure screwed fittings will not leak
  • a hanger area capable of pre-fabricating all types of pipe hangers
  • a well-stocked warehouse ready to meet any immediate customer needs


Fire Fab Corporation owns the vehicles necessary to deliver job materials from our shop to job sites. Our delivery drivers:

  • hold CDL licenses
  • are drug tested

what we use


Fire Fab Corporation is home to two top-of-the-line dual-headed Landis threading machines.

Our state of the art North Alabama Make-On machine ensures that any threaded fittings will not leak.

As the first stage in our weldline, we use a North Alabama Quick Cut Machine. It operates using a plasma line that cuts pipe quickly and cleanly.

As the second stage in the weldline, we use another state of the art North Alabama machine. Our weldline produces welded outlets on sprinkler mains and branch lines.

where we buy